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There is no dearth of lucrative career opportunities for professional photographers passing out of the Shari Academy. Two broad categories Shari students can choose from are employment or a freelance career in photography.

Careers for freelance photographers can be in a variety of fields such as: Advertising Photography for ad agencies and direct clients, Fashion Photography, Industrial Photography for industries and ad agencies, Stock Photography for stock image photography agencies and direct clients, Still Photography for promotion of movies, Editorial Photography for newspapers and magazines, Function Photography, Fine Art Photography, Architectural Photography, Photo Illustration, Portrait Photography, Corporate Photography, Travel Photography, Hoarding/Outdoor Advertising, Export House.

Employment opportunities exist in the following fields: Advertising Photography for advertising agencies, Still Photography for movie production companies, Technical Photography for research organizations, Forensic/Law enforcement/Surveillance Photography for Police or Defense Services, Digital Post-production Artist in pre-press houses/advertising agencies, Art Direction for advertising agencies, Photojournalism for newspapers and magazines, Documentary Photography, Corporate Photography, Teaching Photography in Art Institutes and Mass Communication Colleges, Export House, Information and Broadcasting Ministry.


Advertising Agencies
Production Houses
Print Media
Export Houses
Service Industry
Industrial Corporates
Defense Services
Print Industry
Hoarding/Outdoor Advertising
Packaging Industry
Information and Broadcasting Ministry
Film Industry
Publication Industry
Music Industry
Tourism & Hospitality Industry
Hospitals & Medical Research Centers
Space Research Centers



“Shari is where i learnt to design and craft my images with indepth understanding and use of light.�



-Vikram Bawa

Fashion Photographer


Shari Advantage

Benefits of joining the Academy.

  • Award Winning Alumunus
  • Top photographers as Faculty
  • State of the art Digital Lab
  • 700+ Books library
  • Backgrounds, Sets and props

Weekend Workshops

Photography workshops on weekends

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