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        Conceptual People Photography

        (4 day full time workshop. On how to shoot studio portrait and fashion, glamour, model portfolio, etc.)

        Start from : 24th to 27th July 2017

        Day 1
        Introduction to the course: Concept of Portrait Photography.
        Theory of Light, viz.,
        Tools and requirements: Studio, Camera, Lenses, Film.
        Approach to Basic Lighting:
        Sources of Light: Daylight, Tungsten, Electronic Flash
        Introduction to Studio Flash
        Lighting / characteristics and Form: Umbrella, Soft boxes, Honeycombs, Snoots.
        Point Light Source, Reflector, Wide Light Source, Light Banks.
        Soft,Contrasty or Hard, Directional Lighting, and their Specific use in Portrait Lighting.
        Basic Portrait Lighting: Main Light, Fill Light, Hair Light, Back light, Light Ratios.

        Day 2
        Corrective and Glamorous Make-up Split Lighting : with Demo/Practical
        Rembrandt Lighting : with Demo / Practical
        Short Lighting : with Demo/Practical
        Broad Lighting (Group/ Full Length): :with demo/practical
        Butterfly Lighting: :with demo/practical
        Fashion Ring Flash Lighting Setup: :with demo/practical

        Day 3
        Shooting without a light meter: :with demo
        Classic Bridal Lighting Setup: :with demo/practical

        Lighting for dark person wearing white: :with demo/practical
        Lighting for I.D/Photo Booth: : with Demo/Practical


        Day 4
        Different Backgrounds: Their importance, impact, natural, artificial.
        Creative Techniques: Hide defects and highlight attractive features Posing, using Props, etc.
        Troubleshooting / Open Forum - Question and Answer

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                4 days inclusive of lunch, tea.




“Shari is where i learnt to design and craft my images with indepth understanding and use of light.�



-Vikram Bawa

Fashion Photographer


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  • Award Winning Alumunus
  • Top photographers as Faculty
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  • 700+ Books library
  • Backgrounds, Sets and props

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