Diploma in Fashion and Portrait Photography

Diploma in Fashion and Portrait Photography

(1 year full time diploma)

Start from : 11th September 2018

1st.Semester: Elementary. 16 weeks

PRINCIPLES OF PHOTOGRAPHY In this fundamental course, students will identify basic photographic tools and their intended purposes, including the proper use of various camera systems, light meters and film selection. Students will analyze photographs to determine their positive and negative attributes and apply these principles to produce their own visually compelling images by employing the correct photographic techniques.

HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Students investigate the impact of photography on science, art, fashion and commerce. Particular emphasis is placed on materials, processes and techniques that have played significant roles in the development of the field.

DSLR WORKFLOW Camera to Canvas.

PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN AND COMPOSITION Basics color principles, including line, shape, hue, texture, form, value and intensity are studied. Students investigate color as seen in black and white and its relationship to composition through harmony and contrast in a variety of formats and media. Students will also learn the usage of classical rules of composition to make a visual statement.

ZONE FIVE Understanding the secret of exposure control. Learning and exploiting all the tools available for correct exposure. Understanding light and shade. Students will explore light reflectivity in relation to the tonality of the image. This section involves extensive use of the DSLR’s, and learning the use of digital software’s for Black & White conversion, rendering and multi K3 inkjet printing.

COLOR MANAGEMENT WORKFLOW SURVEY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Students will receive an overview of the photographic industry, including specialty fields available to professional photographers and a history of these fields. LIGHT SOURCES In-depth understanding of artificial lights i.e. studio flashlights, halogen, tungsten, etc. understanding color temperature light quality, advantages and problems. COMPRESSION CURVE Setting accurate light ratios for offset printing using the Compression Curve. The use of Histogram for accurate exposure in fashion photography. COLOR IN FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY  DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHIC PRODUCTION This course focuses on the role of the computer as a necessary tool for the professional photographer. Emphasis is on the development of advanced retouching and manipulation skills as these relate to the use of photographic imagery in two dimensional presentation media.

2nd.Semester : Intermediate 16 weeks INTRODUCTION TO STUDIO FLASH LIGHTING Light characteristics and form: Point light source, Reflectors, Wide light sources, Light banks, Umbrellas, soft boxes, honeycombs, snoots, etc. Understanding light direction, throw of light, soft light, contrasty or hard light, the Light cage, etc. AVAILABLE LIGHT PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHY Introduction to Outdoor Fashion and Portrait Lighting using Diffuser, Reflector, Mirror etc., Five portrait lighting outdoor. PORTRAITURE Concept of Portrait photography. Tools and requirement: Studio, camera, lenses, film etc. Basic Portrait lighting: Main light, fill, hair, background light. Light ratio. Studio and/or location photography. Groups and outdoor portraits. Light metering for portraiture. FASHION A comprehensive study of advanced traditional and contemporary portrait techniques. Corrective and glamorous make-up. Classical lighting set ups. Fashion lighting set ups, Film Noir Lighting. Use of various backgrounds. Posing and creative techniques. Designed for students who are considering a major interest in fashion photography. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY This course provides an overview of the fashion photography industry. Students are directed in the proper use of figure posing as it applies to various advertising formats. The theory/practical of collaborative work among a design team will be executed. Features a mock ad campaign shoot demo featuring traditional/contemporary fashion wear. Understanding fashion trends for editorial. ADVERTISING [PEOPLE] Conceptual people photography. The entire process from selection of models, production, pre, post of an advertising shoot. Shooting people at location and on a studio set for an advertising campaign. SOFTWARE In depth hands on training on the practical usage of Digital Imaging software viz. Adobe Photoshop, Genuine fractals, etc. Fundamentals to in-depth working. DIGITAL FASHION TECHNIQUES Digital fashion basics to advanced, Portrait basic to Advanced, Practical usage of Digital Imaging in People photography. PHOTOGRAPHING FASHION ACCESSORIES Students will be taught the lighting and professional techniques to creatively and accurately shoot fashion accessories like purses, cosmetics, perfumes belts, etc. INCLUDES Brand new practical syllabus, Course material, three models with make up and hair dressing on one to one basis per student (two half day shifts and one full day shift). Plus a minimum of three models shoot along with the faculty and entire class as part of curriculum. Videos of foreign fashion and glamour photographers will be shown. Making of concepts. Understanding Beauty shoot conceptualization. Outdoor fashion shoot (lecture and project). Production fashion shoot (lecture and project). Creative fashion shoot (lecture and project). Expert class on how to build a rapport with the models, Assistance in developing your portfolio and business marketing.


Fees : 5,00,000/- + Rs. 25,000/- refundable deposit. Eligibility :18+ and a passion for image making.

Digital S.L.R. with normal lens, (50mm) or a wide-tele zoom, like 28-80,  80-200, etc., a tripod, a cable shutter release, set of filters and light gels, portable flash, flash syncro cords, mains power cords and guide bulbs for prolinchrom studio flash lights, Hot shoe, Handheld Flash Meter.

Students who complete the course successfuly will be awarded the Diploma certificate and will be issued a Shari Professional Fahion Photgraphers Identity card. Both documents will indentify you as a Shari qualified professional photographers.