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Visiting Faculty

Jaideep Oberoi taught the students about how to conduct business professionally, copyrights of photographer and business practice of an image- maker. All in all, an extremely informative and power packed workshop.  <a href='gallery_faculty_JaideepOberoi.html'>View All</a>
Jatin kampani conducted a one-day workshop on contemporary fashion. The students were just blown away at the kind of work being produced by
          contemporary Indian fashion photography stalwarts like Jatin Kampani.  <a href='gallery_faculty_JatinKampani.html'>View All</a>
Roberto Bigano shared the behind the scenes of photographed by him. The students learned his style of shooting
          which opened their eyes on how international Masters in Photography shot
          great images.  <a href='gallery_faculty_RobertoBigano.html'>View All</a>
Urs has conducted
          around 600 workshops in nearly 36 countries.He Master of Techniques demonstrated nearly 10 lighting set up in fashion, still life and splash
          photography.Student drained him of as much knowledge and information about lighting and techniques.  <a href='gallery_faculty_UrsRecher.html'>View All</a>
Vihang Vasa, conducted an outdoor fashion workshop using the versatile Broncolor outdoor battery packs and various light shapers. Demonstrated the California
          Sun Bounce systems. Different set ups to shoot in low light, hard afternoon sun, indoor shoot with outdoor light control and more.  <a href='gallery_faculty_VihangVasa.html'>View All</a>



"Shari is where i learnt to design and craft my images with indepth understanding and use of light.�



-Vikram Bawa

Fashion Photographer


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