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Shari Academy founded in 1991


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The advent of digital technology has had the biggest impact in the Art, Science and Business of photography after the invention of color films.

Digital cameras, labs, storage devices, digital manipulation software, etc. have completely and dramatically changed the photography business as the world has known since it began. This synergy between the old and contemporary, results in great images. The impact of visual communication is seen by the innumerable images we see every day in our environment. Photographers are often at the forefront as they document history and social changes.

The resources of these image makers are tapped by virtually all industries and very few people will be unaffected by photographic image capture, in its varied usages and application. The contemporary formally trained image maker is not only a respected self employed professional but also a very well paid artist.
The average monthly salary for photographers in India would be from Rs.7,500/- to Rs.45,000/- and the average professional fee charged by a self employed professional is Rs. 10,000/- to Rs.50,000/- plus per day.
Trends Research Group reported Photography jobs are predicted to rise by 10 to 12 percent through 2012.

So if you have the spark, an ankur, a seed, that the fire of imagination ignites... come to us with your own passion and vision And the process begins... an idea begins to take shape evolving and changing, it is forged and molded and refined... the best thing about this passionate process is that it never ends... wherever your road leads you.

A career that combines creativity with the challenge of business is a lifelong adventure.

Girish Mistry
Dean - Shari Academy

Kenichiro Hibi,
Managing Director, Sony India


"Sony India is really glad to partner with Shari Academy, an institution devoted to inspire and inculcate photography culture in India. The academia has done some exceptional work in nurturing young photography talent in the country and it is this common aspiration to promote the photography culture in India that brings us together."


" Backed by Sony, Shari Academy will be conducting workshops for its students and Alpha customers across India to enhance and enrich their photography experience. Through such initiatives, we hope to lay a strong foundation to develop the photography culture in India and touch more and more people interested in photography. I wish the photo fraternity of Shari Academy the very best in their endeavours and hope they have a great photo future."

Jayesh Mehta
President, Aiptia .


"It is a great pleasure to note that Shari Academy, India’s premier Adobe accredited photography institute is completing its 20th years of services to the Nation. The Institute has been doing laudable services in producing professional photographers who are excelling in their profession throughout the length and breadth of our great country. I am proud to send my hearty congratulations to the Founder leader of the Institute Shri Girish Mistry and wish the Institute all the best to cross many more milestones”.

S M Ram Prasad,
Deputy General Manager,
Consumer Products,


"Shari Academy has been doing some  stellar work in nurturing a growing crop of fine young photographers for several years now. For any youngster keen on making  photography a profession this is the go-to place. By providing a solid foundation in the art and science of photography Shari has made a name for itself not just in India but increasingly abroad as well. At Epson we are happy to partner with Shari and its students. Our aim is to introduce the students to the joys of immaculate digital printing with the best possible printing devices in the world”.

Vihang VASA
Owner – Photonics Enterprise.


“Recently I gave lecture and demo at Girish Mistry’s Shari  Academy. It was matter of pride and honor for me. Way back in year 1992, when I was in SSC, I had gone to Girish Mistry’s Shari Academy for admission with my father.

I was quite young and nervous. But Girish was kind. He asked me one question. “Do you know how to load the film in camera?” Yes I said – first check that there is no film in the camera, and then load the film in the camera under the shade. Etc.

He was satisfied and took me in. That was beginning of my career in photo industry. Initially I started as an amateur commercial photographer and then went into photo trading.

During all these years I worked with many celebrity photographers and traders and leading photo companies and came a long way from my modest beginning.

But my association with Girish Mistry’s Shari Academy continued and he always supported me.

At Girish Mistry’s Shari Academy, I not only learned photography but administration, business, finance, computer, human relationship, leadership and to understand photo industry etc.

This knowledge has immensely helped me grow and become one of the most successful photo traders of high-end photo equipment in the country.

I have visited many photo schools and met many photographers both in Indian and abroad and can say that Girish and his Shari  Academy is absolutely of international class comparable with best in USA, UK and Europe."

Mr. Sandeep Mehrotra,
Business Head, Adobe Systems India.


India's first Adobe Authorised Training Center. Adobe has always worked with the best in the business.

For a while now we have been tracking institutes capable of the AATC accreditation.

The Shari Academy has been an institute of high repute for many years and has produced some of the best names in the business.

The accreditation was conferred on Shari Academy as their training methods, their functioning and their courses are of international class and they met all the essential requirements and norms as prescribed by the Adobe Systems Worldwide including having an Adobe Certified Instructor.

Mukul Kashyap,
India Sales and Marketing Manager.


 “Manfrotto have been in India and one of our key strategy has been to impart knowledge to budding talent , hobbyist , amateurs and practicing photographers. Across India, we choose a handful of schools for imparting product awareness and knowledge about our products. Shari Academy has been a preferred choice year on year for Manfrotto. It has been a 2 sided association. We get to hear what preferences India has for photo  categories and with Shari, we share and hand over some of the best equipment we have for use amongst the students, all for a single aim- A stunning picture !

Our bond over the years has only strengthened, thanks to a commitment from an equally capable   partner like Shari Academy”.

Mr. Greg Gorman,
( A celebrity Photographer, A Legend who has defined the art of personality photographer and who has shot portraits of Hollywood actors to advertising campaigns and fine art.)


“Congratulations on all your work. The site is very impressive. The students work is very impressive, they are lucky to have a school dedicated only to photography in Mumbai as it is quite rare even in the USA and EUROPE too.”

Mr. John Cosgrove,
Trainer, Epson Print Academy.


Campus Mumbai on seeing the photographic images of The Mastercraftsman Graduates at the Luxoculus 2004:

“The exhibition was beautiful, I was really surprised at the quality of work the young photographers showcased. I was looking at a professional exhibition in Singapore a couple of weeks ago and I was very disappointed with what I saw, and then I see this, and these are young guys with only 2 years of training and churning out extremely high quality work, made me think I am in the wrong country, Mumbai seems to be the place for photography and films and fashion, now I am going back and telling everyone about this academy.”

Photographers and students mainly prefer to work and learn in Mumbai and similar metros which have advertising agencies, publishing and newspaper media houses, fashion houses and designers, bollywood, fine art, etc.