Award Winning Alumnus The only school of photography in India having highly successful national and international award winning Alumnus.

Since 1991 The oldest and the most successful school in India, imparting quality photography education since 1991.

2000+ students  A track record of over 2000+ students from India and Abroad.

Educators to Govt. and NGO personnel Government organisations like the D.R.D.O., Remote sensing, Hyderabad, information and broadcasting ministry of India, Nepal. Bhutan. Etc.

FACULTY: Brand name practicing professional photographers of India.

EQUIPMENT: The students use State of the Art equipments to learn and practice photography. They use Sinar and Horseman 5x4 View Cameras, the Mamiya 6x7, Medium Format Cameras, Canons with L series lenses including the T.S. lenses, Nikon Digital cameras, Minolta Flash Meters IV Fs, Vs, Spotmeter F, Colourmeter F, Sekonic 508, Elinchrom/Prolincrom Chic 2 power packs, over 30 prolincrom mono heads, 15+ Halogen lights Manfrotto grips and accessories, U.V. Lights, Yasuka light painting complete kit. The Mirage Front Projection System. etc.


700+ BOOKS LIBRARY: The Academy library has 700+ books on photography, art, commercial arts, advertising and business marketing and 1000+ magazines. The Library is constantly updated on regular basis

50+ Videos and C.D.s: The Academy Video library consists of over 30 photo educational videos, plus a collection of classic Hindi and English movies specifically chosen for exceptional lighting and production value.The Library is constantly updated on regular basis.

DIGITAL LAB: Free access to the Academy Digital Lab which has 5 High-end Computers, Scanners, Digital cameras, and also access to Dye sub and inkjet printers at a reasonable cost.

PROP SHOPPE: Free access to over 300+ props available in the Academy Propahop. The student gets the opportunity to practice their techniques using glass metal porcelain etc. props to capture creative images.

CLOTHES SHOPPE: Free access to latest apparel and fashion accessories available in the in-house clothes shoppe for students to practice their fashion, portraits and Advertising people photography.

BACKGROUNDS AND SETS : The Academy has more than 100 backgrounds and sets for use by the students in their studio photography.

LOCAL/INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: Students will be encouraged to take active part in local and international photo and digital competitions.
ANNUAL STUDENTS EXHIBITION :  An annual exhibition featuring the works of students will be held for the industry and general public.

STUDENT IDENTITY CARD: Entitles you to student discounts on materials and processing fees. Eases the process of getting permission to shoot outdoors from local authorities.

ALUMNI IDENTITY CARD: Registered document identifying you as a qualified professional photographer.

CAREER PLANNING AND PLACEMENT: Job referral, resume and portfolio development and individual career counselling to all students and alumni.

MEDICAL FACILITY: A panel of medical experts and facilities affiliated to the academy will be made available to students.

ACCOMMODATION: Outstation students will be assisted in organizing lodging and boarding as per requirement and budget.

STUDENT ORGANISATION: An association of past and present students that will allow present students to interact and share knowledge and experience in their specialty fields.

SHARI E-PHOTOZINE: The internet/email based academy mouth-piece wherein students can interact locally and internationally.