Diploma in Cinematography and Film Making

Diploma in Cinematography and Film Making

(1 year full time Diploma)

An in-depth foundation in digital video production, right from principles, history, understanding video and cinematography, tools, lighting and light equipment, audio, editing, visual storytelling, documentary, advanced editing, filming events, ad and corporate films, color management and video enhancement, etc. To making 5 films minimum by the students. Taught by experienced cinematographers, with visiting faculty from the film and cinematography field. Final projects will be screened in the presence of renowned professionals.

Course Fees: Rs.3,20,000/-

1st. Module
Duration-8 weeks

Understanding basic tools digital video production. Introduction to the video and audio equipments and software. 
First experiment of creating movement in images, Early development, Silent films, Black & White Silent film era, Sound films, Color films, Different kind of films, Feature films, documentary films, Propaganda films, Corporate films, Ad films, films for promotions, TV series, Docu-drama, Tele films, Youtube series, Education films, Tutorials.
Impact of Film on science, art, and commerce. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of film language and its impact on human mind. Mind’s unique ability to understand the flowing images and its use in various forms of communication and storytelling.  
This section will allow the students the various types of digital video films. They will understand – process of creating different kind videos depending upon the purpose.Films as propaganda. Films for memory. Films for history. Silent era- films without audio.
Black and white films, Color films,Different films for different people.Wedding, corporate, documentary, ad-films, promotional films, educational films, Music videos, Family film, travel films, Short films and full length feature films.TV serials, TV documentaries, travel films.
Understanding the Crew members required for the digital production.Principles of filmmaking- Writing, thinking, visualization, theme, research, purpose of the film. Preparation of every possible detail. 
Understanding the various aspects of cinematography like- Lights and all kind lighting equipments. Introduction to Camera DSLR for video. Setting up the camera for the video shoot. Learning all the menu and custom functions. And get used to it. Practice using different mode of shoot. 
Introduction to Microphone & Audio using the microphone. Importance of sound in films.
Boom- handling sound during location shootmicrophone (mike) boom, camera boom,light boom ;
Direct sound-the technique of recording sound simultaneously with the image.
Editing is the essential part of film making. Proper understanding of editing helps us to shoot better and needed visuals. Students will learn the language of editing and use it in different projects. In this module students will learn basic editing software and use the skill for various projects.
Filming people
Films are always about people – for  people- by the people. So we will start our first project with talking with variety of people. Students will watch the interviews of various film makers. They will prepare to film their own video along with the practice of previous lectures.Simple lighting set-up for interview. They will create and submit final video in the end of the module.l




Duration-8 weeks


Basics color principles, including line, shape, hue, texture, form, value and intensity are studied. Students investigate color as seen in black and white and its relationship to composition through harmony and contrast in a variety of formats and media. classical rules of composition to make a visual statement.

Students will see the work of pioneer film makers who invented the grammar for early documentary and tv productions.

LIGHT & Light equipments

Study of light. Students will watch films and write their report on lighting of the films. Students will be shown lighting of real life situations. Then they will shoot lights of different kinds on video. They will make their own presentation about study of light. The fundamentals of lighting- what are the goal of good lighting? Students will learn -Exposure and lighting and also learn some new light terminology- Aspects of light- hard light and soft light, direction, intensity, texture, color -Basic lighting techniques backcross keys, Ambient Plus Accent, Lighting with Practical. 
Visual storytelling
Students will learn visual metaphor and telling stories with pictures. Building a Visual world, The conceptual tools of cinematography- The frame, The lens, light and color, texture, movement and its impact on storytelling.
Documentary Film  Project
In this module students will learn the medium of documentary films to use the craft in creating different kind of films. Students will start researching for their first documentary film. Discussing the film subject and zero down on the subject. Discussing the documentary. Students will also learn  purpose and message of the film content.
Advance Editing
Students will learn advance editing  techniques. Language of Editing- Understanding Cut- What is CUT?  Various kinds of Cuts- Rough cut, Invisible cut, Smooth cut, Jump cut, Shock cut, developing a Style in Editing.




Duration-8 weeks

Filming Events

In this module students will learn multi camera shoot of the various kind of events like- play, fashion show, debate, dance, musical events with advance lighting situations. They will use advance grip equipments like crane, dolly, jimmy jib, track, circular track, steady cam. Use of microphone with multi track recording. 

Renowned industry professional guest lecture will come to share his/her work and experiences on Editing of multi cam set-up.Students will learn the process from conceptualization, visualization, design, pre-production, production and shooting of indoor and/or location sets taking into consideration 3D depth and perspective with relation to the lens and format in use. Effective use of continuous, flashlights, and mixed light sources to illuminate large sets. Understanding outdoor production logistics to do with reconnaissance, shooting permits, cost and mode of travel, lodging, boarding, technical on site logistics, etc.


Students will have to edit the final version of the project and submit for evaluation.



Duration-8 weeks

Ad and Corporate films

During this module students will learn to write, research, shoot and edit the corporate films. Guest faculty of known film makers will also come to share the finer points of the trade.

Pre-production, shoot and editing of the corporate films. This will include the preparation as a cinematographer with all the needed equipments, practical of the filming the screenplay and story board. Students explore the nature and function of commercial, corporate, industrial and architecture videography. They will examine the cameras and materials necessary in corporate architecture and industrial videography. Annual report videos with storytelling qualities will be stressed.

Students need to make their own ad and corporate films during this module.
Students will learn the color corrections of the video in this final module. They will color correct, and correct the audio for the final submission. Noted Industry professionals will come to examine the projects and decide the grades.Final projects will screened in a public even in the presence of renowned professionals.