1. Who can take this course? Anybody with a passion for image making. If you eat, drink, sleep and dream photography then this is the course for you. 18+ years is the minimum age requirement with fluency in either English/Hindi.
  1. Is there any selection Procedure involved in securing admission with SHARI ACADEMY? The application form contains the most weight age followed by an interview with the Dean.
  1. Are Study materials provided by the Institute? We do provide study materials from time to time depending on what the current class curriculum is. Apart from that Shari Academy boasts of one of the largest libraries of all photography schools in India housing close to 800 books. The academy's video library consists of numerous educational videos of world class photographers plus a large collection of movies specifically chosen for exceptional lighting and camera work. As a student of the academy you will have access to all that and more.
  1. Does the academy help in arranging accommodation facilities for out-of-station students? Yes, we do help in arranging accommodation for out-of-station candidates depending on their needs and their budget.
  1. Are laptops provided by the college? We do not provide free laptops to the students but as a student of the academy you can get Apple Notebooks at students' prices which are fairly subsidized.
  1. Is the certificate attested by SHARI ACADEMY approved by Government of India/Association of Indian University? The Shari Diploma is recognized by the Maharashtra Business Training Board (MBTB). We are an independent school and not affiliated to any universities as such.
  1. Can the students of the academy look forward for any kind of campus recruitment programs? Alumni have been placed as senior assistants to brand name photographers. Job placements with Editorial houses and Cruise Liners and assisted in setting up their own independent studios